Color Movies

by Dane Terry

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released March 24, 2015

All Songs by Dane Terry
Produced by Matt Katz
Arrangements by Dane Terry and Matt Katz
Recorded by Matt Katz at Katz Meow and Bennet Paster at Benny's Wash 'n Dry
Mixing Engineer: Andy Baldwin for Rola Pola
Mastered by Ephriam Nagler
Dane Terry: Vocals, Pianos, Keyboards
Kenneth Salters: Drums
Rick Donato: Drums (My Baby Don't Wanna Know, Clown)
Brendan O'Grady: Basses
Andrew Miramonti: Guitars
Tova Katz: Vocals, Vocal Arr. (Kids)
Rose Emily Quinn: Vocals, Vocal Arr. (Kids)
Jon Good: Trumpet
Dos Allen: Saxophones
Catherine McRae: Violin
Rubin Kodheli: Cello
Jonathan Katz: Clarinet
Laura Weiner: French Horn

Cover Photo: Anthony Turtle
Cover Design: Andrew Graham, Dane Terry
Quilt by France Trende



all rights reserved


Dane Terry Brooklyn, New York

Frillbilly Theater Composer. Appalachian Fatalist Songster. Based in NYC. Traveling all over.

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Track Name: Eagles

get out of the car, just look at these eagles Helen
get out of the car just look at these eagles Helen
hey kids...
those are eagles!
they are your country's bird
Track Name: Normal At Last

hey all of you freaks out there
come out come out
it’s a bright new world
and haven’t you heard
everybody loves you now

you don’t need no costume
makeup or wig
just put on something
I mean think of the kids

and I know you don’t wanna dwell on the past
you’re normal at last
you’re normal at last

yeah you’ll love the neighborhood
there’s so many trees
there’s the cutest little bar right around the corner
just you wait and see
they have a taco night
and a photo booth
they play old soul records on Fridays
and Saturdays, on Sundays too

you oughtta get one of those new flying cars
I hear they go so fast! you’re normal at last

no more separate malt shops
no more separate churches
no more separate stationery stores
we'll talk over the same white fence
and our kids will spit watermelon seeds
at the only parade we'll need...
on the 4th of July

and after a long day
spent in the sun
after the TV and the dinner and the dishes are done
you climb up to bed now
hand in hand
just two people in love, forever and ever and ever and...
nobody will see the shadows you cast
your shutters are latched, you’re normal at last
your shutters are latched, you’re normal at last
Track Name: Kids

we wake up in the cold on an old
christmas tree farm
pines in a row like soldiers
dark curtains in their arms
I count the money like a bluesman and we’re gone
the grackles bleed into the dawn

you see my silver flash
in the jukebox glass
frightened faces in the coffee pots
a flowering blast
your plaston jacket squeaking
on the vinyl booth
the Newses go mute

we, we are just kids
summer ain’t ever gonna end
we, we are just kids
summer ain’t ever gonna end
gonna end...

“hey man, just put it in the bag now
hey man, just put it in the bag…
hey teach
even I coulda told ya
you wanna go to outer space?
you gotta get through the south...
through the south"

corn on the table
dancing in the gym
a sky like butcher paper
water in a pill
a Veyor drops and opens up
like an owl in the day...
theres more on the way

we, we are just kids
summer ain’t ever gonna end
we, we are just kids
Track Name: Fighter

when I came out you said you knew then I was a fighter
I only held my own, with my little gun
shooting up the grocery store, picking out the spies
it’s hard to tell without an eye
in the sky

fall back boys they got the parking lot and
rendezvous by the graveyard gate
bang, bang you’re dead I said you’re dead now
try not to breathe when you’re down, on the ground

blankets, locks and knobs no good against the Grays
They came for you….will They come for me too?
a mouth like a slit in wet clay...
ring, ring my mom she called around
just like when a bird got in the house
a neighbor had to come by and put me on the porch

now I’m a man ain’t I a man
and five o’clock comes around
in the dark sometimes
I see you underneath a swinging light Dad,
teach me how to fight
we still have tonight

and even now you say someday I’m gonna be a fighter
so I put ‘em up, I circle ‘round

mom she started yelling
we were in the yard
you let me get you once and then I started crying
then you laid me out with one punch, I spun around
but you, you caught me as I fell
and laid me on the ground...

boy, little boy
you’re still sleeping
with your glove
Track Name: The Working Class

we are honest and true
friendly to children and animals
though we'll kill to eat
if it comes down to that
we like our radio, our cars, our color TVs
and god on a sunday
we are the working class

Jesus he knows where you live
he knows what your daddy does
when that giving plate is empty
you know he understands
they say he drank up the river
and he spit it out wine babe
yeah right in the smiling face
of the working class

some of it runs down our chins
and stains our clothes
some of it falls in our mouths
and makes us sing
songs where going home
is like dying at last
we are, we are, we are,
the working class

I cut out the pages of a book
in the shape of a handgun
it’s under my bed next to a few months pay
it’s not enough to quit my job
or buy a bigger house
but why would I wanna move anyway?

we are honest and true
and we like to tell a few jokes
we're rough ‘round the edges
but boy, do we know how to love
I tell ya, if I won the lotto today I’d give it all up in a flash
just to stay, to stay right here
in the working class

I wanna stay, let me stay
in the working class
Track Name: Moonshiner's Boy

so much for your gold star'd riders
so much for your old ball and chain
just the glowing skin of birches in your hunting light
when I got away

I knew a man with a mule thats how
I knew a woman on the way
out of town past the rolling color eyes of the dryers
is how I got away

sure, sometimes I went without a fire
yeah I shot into the night
my hands white as fish in the pan 'round my gun,
as i turned to run

past the church and the stable grounds,
them awful sounds the horses make
on stormy nights, the scream of their dogs,
the law and the poltergeist,
old Red Eyes ’n Bloody Bones
it’s all in a day
for a moonshiner’s boy

is that them gold star'd riders?
coming through the wind and the rain?
and can I hear the jingle jangle of the chains??

one day I’ll have my own still
and the whippoorwills won’t scare me no more
and I'll be grown, but for now
old Red Eyes he can only dream
of the heavy cream and warm corn bread
that fills the bowl
of a moonshiner’s boy
Track Name: House That Harry Built

and all these
kind wives
I’m talking with a brakeman:

"we didn't all read catcher in the rye"
he says "we didn't all read...

...they move 'em like livestock
on the highways at night,
between the slats them big, wet eyes
moving in the dark them big, wet eyes...”

...some rain coming"

far away over a mean quilt
they're looking for a house that Harry built
they're looking for a house that Harry built
Track Name: Clown

hey clown, where you been my clown?
your mama’s had a bath, what you still doin’ out?

hey clown…what's the matter with Daddy’s little clown?
black straps hangin’ down such a pretty face
it’s a real disgrace

maybe we could go to a movie show?
now that the crowds are thin
maybe we could just stay in

hey clown….not that funny huh? for a clown...
don’t ya know any jokes??
hey, hey... I know a joke…

I'm a plastic sycamore, and you're a fake elm
I'm a plastic sycamore, and you, you're a fake elm
I'm a plastic sycamore, and you're a fake elm

but your mama, she’s a real birch……

maybe we could go to a movie show
now that the crowds have thinned
maybe we could just stay in…
Track Name: My Baby Don't Wanna Know

they’re coming up over over the mountains
and they're coming up from the bay
they're marching all through the nighttime
and they're marching all through the day
when they finally get here that’s when I got to go
when you see my baby, don't tell my baby
‘cause my baby don't wanna know

oh they’re marching all through the oceans
marching all through the sky
everywhere I look man, they're filling up my eyes
ain't nowhere left to run to
ain't nowhere left to go
if you see my baby, don't tell my baby
‘cause my baby don't wanna know

the people that live in the mountains
the people that live by the bay
they've been screaming all through the nighttime
wailing all through the day
when they get so deadly quiet, that’s when I got to go
if you see my baby, don’t tell my baby, don’t tell my baby
‘cause my baby don’t wanna know
if you see my baby, don’t tell my baby
‘cause my baby don’t wanna know
Track Name: Volton Destroyer Of Stars

I won’t know for
sure till I see
your cannonball
your pencil
the way that you run
when you’re not s’posed to run

awkward corners
of a big dream
did bulge in my
denim heart
long before
I knew your name….

Volton, Destroyer of Stars!
come at last to my water world
your evil plan, your laser beam
are no match at all, no match at all
for my own dark mind

let us not go
all this long night
and only talk
of empire
they must’ve had tenderness
where you’re from

workmen, women
drunk on the grass,
and dry clothes
no one is watching now
we're all alone

you come from the emptiness of space
no light or sound
and I have the water all around
we’re both unafraid
‘cause I’m not afraid
are you, are you afraid
of the dark?

smell of chlorine
taste of the sea
for an hour now
they’ve been lookin
calling our names

but one frozen moment are we
Volton Destroyer of Stars and me
my gun to his head, his gun to my head
one click away, one click away
from our own dark minds
Track Name: Game Day

when our boys go off to fight
all through the day, all through the wild night
be chivalry forgotten not,
and gentlemen they
on game day

common heathens these are not
who drinking all day, will roll in the pay lots
and spray it down the slides at night,
and in it they lay
come game day

O world of fortune, all foretold!
to heroes brave and heroes bold
whom stone and golden horses hold
unblinking still

and all they want's to close their eyes
back in the fields, back in the bright skies
the skirted gals cannot give rise
like the band when it plays
on game day

oh how they play
on game day